The details you need to provide for a landlords insurance quote

When applying online for a landlords insurance quote, there is some information that you need to provide for details about your provisional policy to be accurate. In this blog post, we are going to explore how to fill in a standard form to receive a landlords insurance quote you will be happy with.

Typically, when you are applying for a residential landlords insurance quote, you need to specify the type of property you are insuring – such as a house, flat or bungalow. Following on from this, you will need to provide further details, such as if your house is a mid or end terrace, for example.

From here, you need to provide your contact details and the address of your policy, and typically, how long you have owned the property for. You need to detail what he walls are constructed of, and outline the number of bedrooms or bathrooms within each property you own. Roof construction details and the era in which the property was built are also important, in addition to your estimate of how much it would take to rebuild the property. Remember – this estimate isn’t going to be the market value of the property, and so you may need professional valuations for this step.

Next, details are needed about the tenancy agreement, such as whether you live with the tenants, how many tenants there are, their employment status, the agreement you have and the duration of this contract. You will need to speculate the income you receive on the property per year so your wages can be protected, and the rental indemnity period you have. You also need to specify if you check the property for issues on a regular basis.

To conclude, you need to outline if you have made any claims – whether accepted or declined – in the past five years, and give more details. To ensure that they are competitive, many organisations will ask the best quote that you received from other insurers, as they promise not to be beaten on price. As you can see, if you know your stuff, getting landlords insurance quotes isn’t as difficult as it may seem.