Points of landlord comparison to consider

The techniques you use to conduct a landlord comparison can vary depending on what you are looking for. With dozens of insurers available, it really is a buyer’s market, and this post looks at the different things you should contrast between quotes when on the hunt for an amazing deal.

Can I pay monthly?

Sometimes, you may find that if you have more than one property, it can be much more affordable to pay on a monthly basis instead of every year. If you are considering this approach to payment, just double-check that you won’t incur surcharges for the privilege.

How comprehensive is the cover?

During a landlord comparison, you will be covered in the event that your buildings or possessions are lost or damaged. However, by getting protection against lost income because of an inability of your tenants to pay, damage that is caused through accidental means, and even public liability insurance, some deals are more bulletproof than others. Getting the cheapest deal won’t always work to your advantage, especially if this means that you will have to pay astronomical amounts of money in the event of a claim anyway.

Is the insurer just based online?

It certainly is great when we are able to complete a landlord comparison in our slippers, but if you have a question for an insurer’s customer service team, it can be beneficial to get a face-to-face reply from someone who is on the phone. You might wish to check this, particularly if you are a serial landlord, as waiting for emails from customer service teams can be painful if you have an urgent matter that needs resolving.

By doing your research into what to expect from landlord insurance companies, you will be able to analyse the different offerings available in a way that will protect you brilliantly – whatever happens.