Landlord buildings and contents insurance: How to deal with difficult tenants

Whilst landlord buildings and contents insurance is beneficial to you and your business, and can mean that you don’t have to pay excessive amounts of cash. However, some problems can’t always be solved by getting new insurance. Problem tenants can cause a number of issues, and the only way landlord buildings and contents insurance can help is if it the correct policy is there in the first place.

The first thing you need to do is remain professional. It’s incredibly important to remain professional with all your dealings with your tenant, and despite tension or unpleasant exchanges with your tenant, you will never be in the wrong so long as you have acted appropriately, and remained professional with your tenant. Even if they’re rude, it’s a matter of business – not personal attacks.

You need to remain aware, too. You should always visit your property on a regular basis, in order to keep on top of any necessary maintenance, or neighbour-related problems. By ensuring that you visit often, you can deal with problems as they arise, and not let them escalate into complicated and hard to deal with issues. Do remember, however, that if you are going to visit the property then you need to give your tenant reasonable notice. This is usually around 24 hours.

You must also keep accurate records. This is really important. You should always keep a detailed account of financial or legal transactions that have taken place between you and your tenant, as well as a record of both formal and informal correspondence between you both.

Finally, make sure you maintain good relations with your tenant. This can ensure that things run more smoothly in the future, and your tenant will be less inclined to ‘pick a fight’ over miniscule problems.