Ex-tenant becomes squatter at £300,000 house

A former tenant is accused of becoming a squatter in a Midland home. The owner, an elderly woman, is looking to sell the home in order to pay for health bills.

Rent has not been paid on the home since Christmas, but the tenant refuses to leave despite legal action.

83-year-old owner Phyllis Howarth’s home care is costing £3,000 a month, causing the need to sell the property. Her son states that the landlord is refusing to move even though his agreement ended in March. Further civil action now has to be sought as a way to evict this tenant.

According to Phyllis’ son, Mr Miller, the tenant has refused to answer the door and the phone, and has been squatting in the home since his agreement ended. The house cannot be sold while the ex-tenant is still living there.

Mr Miller claims to have taken out a loan in order to cover costs for his mother’s home care.

Miller also claims he was nearly arrested when he tried to enter the home to get his mother’s possessions, when the occupant called the police.

Despite being served two notices, the tenant refuses to leave. He has also altered aspects of the home without permission whilst living in the property free of charge. Phyllis continues to pay council tax on the property.

Mr Miller claimed that the tenant, Mr Bakewell, is receiving incapacity benefit.

The squatter owes 28 weeks’ worth of rent, refusing to leave even after a second notice which ordered him to leave during May.