Types of special offers on house insurance for landlords available

Landlord insurance, despite similarities, is not the same as home insurance. Normal home insurance is designed just for those who own a property and live in it themselves, or rent a property. For those who let a property, however, landlord insurance is necessary. Just like other forms of insurance, you’ll be able to obtain a range of offers.

Nearly every insurer out there will be keen to give you their own version of landlord insurance, and present to you a range of special offers on house insurance for landlords. It’s up to you to decide which one offers the most for your money, and which company you feel you can trust the most to pay up when you need compensation.

When you do get your house insurance for landlords, however, you will be provided with the essentials. The essentials include a wide range of protection, which will include building cover as well as public and property owners’ liability up to a given amount of money. You will also be offered protection for the event that your tenant claims something against you, for the likes of an injury. Of course, this will only require your insurance policy details if you are actually legally liable.

But on top of this, and other basic policy details, you will be offered a range of special offers. Of course, it depends on the agency that you use, but you can choose to have special offers like the inclusion of employers’ liability within your policy. This is protection in the event that an employee will claim against you, just like a tenant. You might even be provided with a special offer on the price of your contents insurance, which covers the cost of everything inside of the property as well.