Top tip: Compare landlord insurance added extras

Comparing landlord insurance is a great way of finding yourself the best deal for your money. There are a number of comparison websites that can help you identify the insurance policies that are suitable for you. Many insurers will provide you with extra features that you can add on to your policy. So why is it important for you to compare them?

For a start, the added extras that are available may be free with a certain policy. Some insurance companies may be prepared to offer you such features as complimentary free accidental damage cover as standard with your policy. If you have compared all the insurance options available then you’ll know which companies offer the free incentives and which don’t.

It is also helpful for you to compare the features that you can add for an extra price. You may have the option to add tenants contents cover to your policy. Standard landlords contents cover will not protect the contents that has been brought into the property by your tenant. Depending on the price, it may be within your best interest to purchase this additional feature. Comparing the offers will help you discover the most competitive price for the added extras you need.

You may also be interested in comparing the excess charges that you may have to pay on any added extras. The excess charges will be different between companies and will also change according to whether you are looking to cover a commercial or residential property. You could end up finding cheaper excess charges with a particular company after conducting a comparison.

Just like every aspect of your landlord insurance, it’s important to compare any of the added extras you may be receiving. You will want to make sure that you are getting the most of your policy.