Landlords Must Adhere To The Law

A reminder about landlord responsibilities has been issued by the managing director of the Buy-to-Let Show, Oliver Romain.

When it comes to landlord law, Romain stated that it is vital that private landlords know the legal requirements and obey them where they apply.

There has been a steep rise in those who have become an ‘accidental landlord’. If this is the case, you should tell mortgage company and insurance firms of the situation so that they are aware your home is being used for business purposes.

There are a wide range of legal landlord issues that those in the buy-to-let industry must abide by, explained by Romain.

He stated that there are more than 80 different laws and regulations covering this area of the rental sector that all affect landlords. It is important to take time to learn about the regulations due to the impact they can have on landlords.

Earlier in the week the National Landlords Association was warning that landlords should be aware of the possible problem of drug use in rented properties.