Landlords insurance: Factors to consider if you need to make a claim

Having to make a claim can be a traumatic experience dependent on the circumstances that surround loss or damage on your property. In this article, we are going to outline the things that are normally expected by landlords insurance providers before you contact them.

If one of your tenants suffered a break in, it will be a traumatic experience for them. You also may have lost items such as furnishings, or your property could have sustained broken windows during the incident. In this case, before you ring your insurer, it’s vital to contact your local police department and to obtain a unique crime reference number. This code ensures that your loss has been noted.

Keeping your policy documents handy is important if you do need to make a claim, because you will need to reference these when contacting your landlords insurance provider. They will tell you whether the claims you wish to make are covered in your policy, and if this is the case, most insurers will begin the process of reimbursing you immediately.

Unfortunately, for more substantial claims, it is important for a more thorough investigation into the incident to be required, and so a member of staff from a landlord insurance company, such as a loss adjuster specialist, may have to visit you at the property for a closer look at the damage. This can be advantageous because it gives a more accurate estimation of the claims you need to make, and it can be easy to underestimate the things you would have lost.

You will normally be given a dedicated adviser who will be there for you throughout the entire process of making a claim, ensuring that you benefit from all of the support required. It can be a traumatic time, but it is important to ensure that you get back on your feet soon enough.