Information needed on a buy to let house insurance application form

If you are a landlord who is thinking about purchasing buy to let home insurance, then there are some details that you are required to provide. So what information will you need to give on a buy to let house insurance application form?

First of all, you will start out with a series of your personal details. You will be asked to specify whether the application is single or joint. Once this has been done, you will proceed to enter basic personal information like your name, date of birth and gender. Some forms may request other details from you, such as if you are a smoker.

After this you will be required to input a series of details about your property. You will need to know the year that your property was built. In addition to this you will need to specify the type of property you are letting; whether it is a house, a flat or some other property type. This will then lead to you telling the provider a further description of the property; if it is a house that is semi-detached or not for example. Then you must state the number of bedrooms within the property.

The final section of the application form will ask you for a series of contact details for the company to get in touch with you. This will include your home, work and mobile telephone numbers, your email address and your postcode. All these details should only be used by the company to get in contact with you about your policy.

So that is all the information that you will need to provide when you are filling out a buy to let house insurance application form. Once this is complete, you will continue through the remaining stages of the application and will be on your way to owning buy to let house insurance.