Five Ways to Spruce Up Your New Home

If you’ve just moved into a new house, chances are you’re sitting on a huge amount of potential. There’s nothing more satisfying than making a house into a home and there are hundreds of ways that you could give your new place a facelift.

From rejuvenating tired walls to truly making your mark on the place, improving your house takes very little time and can be done casually over the course of a few weekends. To get you started, here are five great ways that you can turn your house into something truly beautiful:

Repaint the walls

First thing’s first – a new coat of paint on the walls will make the world of difference. If you’ve just moved in then it’s likely that the walls have not been freshly painted and are still marked from a good few years’ wear and tear as a result of the previous occupant. Painting them will not only have the place looking fresh and sparkling, but it will also alter the mood substantially. A classic off-white colour such as ivory or magnolia is a great way to go – stylish, understated and modern.

Take up the carpet

Carpets can make a house seem quite oppressive and stuffy. Taking them up to reveal the bare wood can be a great move. Once treated and varnished, your new wood floor will make the place a lot more airy, modern and almost unrecognisable.

Choose some new furniture

Getting rid of some old pieces and replacing them with a few well placed items can also help you achieve your desired look at a very low price. Anything from ultra-modern to homely and snug can be achieved with the addition of a few new tables, chairs, desks and lamps. You can browse through hundreds of companies and items online, most of which will deliver them straight to your door.

Give the kitchen some attention

Making sure your kitchen is in good shape is a great idea. It’s often the most used room in the house, particularly when it comes to hardwearing activities such as cooking and making sure it’s a shining example of cleanliness will make you want to spend more time in it.

Invest in some technology

A wide screen television or a new computer could put the finishing touches on your new home, but you need to protect these investments. All these items could be insured under your house contents and you can Visit the Co-operative Insurance for more information about insurance for your house.