Buy To Let Mortgages – ‘To Let’ In Reasonable Capital Growth With Financial Obligation

Every individual needs a home and every home needs an owner. Perhaps you are already a homeowner. If you can afford why not buy a home and let it out on rent. It can be immensely rewarding if you need a loan. Buy to let is when a buyer buys a property to let it out for commercial purposes. Mortgages specific to these kind of purchase are called buy to let mortgages.

Buy to let mortgages are highly specialized and meant to cater to specific needs. In 1996, The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) made a constructive effort in the form of Buy to let mortgage. This effort was endorsed by several leading mortgage lenders which included Birmingham MidShires, GMAC Residential Funding, Nat West Mortgage Services, Paragon Mortgages, and The Mortgage Business. Buy to let mortgages is an endeavor to motivate the growth of the Private Rented Sector by encouraging private investors to take the opportunities given by low, highly competitive, interest rates. The buy to let is supposed to sustain reasonable capital growth over the coming years.

Buy to let mortgages are different from residential mortgages. The loan borrower is required to pay larger amount of deposit amounting to 20%. Though some loan lenders would also allow 15% deposit. Loan contender for buy to let mortgages should make sure to know the interest rates. Usually the interest rates are higher in lieu of lower deposit. Buy to let mortgages are not very competitive. The compensation for that are higher interest rates. Buy to let mortgage are not lenders friendly in the sense they rely on tenants to pay their rent.

The amount calculated on buy to let mortgages may vary. The calculation on buy to let mortgages is commonly based on the expected rental income.

Typically rental income must be equal to or greater than 130% of the mortgage payments. A buy to let mortgage loan lender may or may not require you to confirm your salary. Loan lenders usually look for salary verification in order to make sure that you are not exclusively dependent on rental income to repay the mortgage.

A buy to let mortgage will allow you to obtain up to 85% of the value of the property. Sometimes better interest rate on buy to let mortgages will allocate only 70-75%. More than one buy to let mortgages are possible but not on the same property. You can in fact buy more than one property like 4 – 5 properties. This means that you can borrow money amounting up to £500,000 or even £1m.

Variants of buy to let mortgages include – fixed rate, variable rate, capped rate, non resident buy to let and self certified buy to let mortgage. Fixed rate buy to let mortgage provides you comfort of having guaranteed monthly outgoings is complimentary in case you are financially stretched out and want to pre-plan your finances.

Variable rate buy to let mortgage will offer you maximum benefit incase interest drops. Self certified buy to let mortgage enable the loan borrower to make the claim that he will be able to pay the loan interest and the loan lender makes no attempt to verify it. In other terms it spells higher rate of interest.

Non resident buy to let mortgages are meant for UK non residents and those UK expatriates who intent to invest in UK market. Capped buy to let mortgages are variable below a particular rate of interest and fixed rate in case the interest rate rise above a particular interest rate.

Minimum status buy to let mortgage is intended for you in case you can’t meet the required criteria of the loan lender. Accepting minimum criteria buy to let means that the lenders supposed risk is higher and its obvious effect is on the interest rates.

Buy to let mortgages can be made available to you through a mortgage broker. Mortgage broker can be a good option since his fees is paid by mortgage lender. Seek a mortgage broker who specializes in buy to let schemes. A mortgage broker will ensure that your loan application is reviewed by large number of loan lenders. He will do all the leg work and make sure that the decision is made in your favour.

With Buy to let mortgages, deductions against tax on rents received may be claimed for the costs of maintenance, such as insurance, cleaning, gardening, agent’s commission and other reasonable management expenses. Usually improvements do not sanction such deductions.

The bottom line is that buy to let mortgages are secured loans, secured upon your house. Default carries with it penalization in the form of the confiscation of property. If you have taken a decision to take up buy to let mortgage then check out for restrictions if any for any particular property. Also take adequate financial help and research for any kind will further your claim for buy to let mortgages. Taking a deposit from your tenants will prevent any defaults on your rental payments.

Buy to let mortgages are long term investments. If you make good returns and well manage your property, the loan lender will allow you to take more than one mortgages. Buy to let mortgages can result in some serious success if presume that it is a long term investment. There are no restrictions to how much you can attain with buy to let mortgages.