Where to Get Free Renters Insurance Quotes

If you live in an apartment or rental home and don’t have renter’s insurance, you are at risk of financial loss if anything happens to your personal possessions. You may not realize it, but your landlord’s policy doesn’t cover your belongings. Fortunately, you can get free renters insurance quotes on the Internet and soon have coverage for your belongings.

Renters Insurance Coverage

Renters insurance covers your personal possessions from loss by theft, vandalism, fire, smoke damage, and acts of nature. It also pays for damages and legal fees if someone hurts himself in your residence and sues you.

To figure up how much coverage you need, add up how much it would cost to replace all your possessions if they were damaged or stolen. It’s a good idea to make an inventory of your possessions, including serial numbers, in case you ever have to make a claim.

The cost of renters insurance varies depending on such factors as:

* How much coverage you need

* What your deductible is

* Where you live

Generally, a basic policy will cover around $20,000 worth of your possessions and cost around $200 to $250 per year – a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Free Renters Insurance Quotes

To get your free renters insurance quote, you need to go to an insurance comparison website, where you complete a form with information about yourself and the property you are renting. For example, you’ll need to type in

* Your name, address, and age

* Whether you have any pets

* Construction type of the dwelling

* Type of heat

* Number of connected units

You will also need to enter the coverage amount and the deductible amount you want for your insurance. The deductible is the amount you pay toward a claim before you insurance company pays.

The best insurance comparison websites also offer an online chat feature. If you have any questions as you complete your form, you can talk online with insurance professionals and get fast, accurate answers. (See link below.)

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