Public adjusters and appraisers working for you, not the insurance company in South Florida – palm beach county

Did you suffer loss from any of the following….

• Lightening
• Pipe Burst
• Theft/Vandalism
• Water Damage
• Roof Leaks
• Fire
• Flood
• Hurricane
• Wind Storm
• Mold Damage

Are you worried about how your insurance company is handling your claim?
Do you know what is covered under your insurance policy?
Are you disappointed due to your unfair insurance settlement?
Is your insurer denying to pay your claim?
Have you wished, “If only I could have someone to assist me to get through the hassle of claiming insurance?”


Equitable Public Adjusters & Appraisers, a licensed Public Adjuster firm based in Florida, which works for you NOT THE INSURANCE company. We exist as your representatives to appraise and negotiate and fight to get your insurance claim settled. Our Personal have more then 40 years of experience handling claims. Our goal is to maximum your insurance settlement.

Our clients are from various spheres, from homeowners and condo associations to business owners, commercial and industrial property owners, our territory from Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, South Florida, FL, Wellington, Palm Beach and beyond.

We, as professional public adjusters, ensure prompt and satisfactory service to you. What you see here are just three testimonials from the many clients who received tremendous difference in the amount of a policyholder’s settlement.

Our client in a Hurricane claim in Wellington had been offered $43,647.35 from the insurance company. We helped the client to receive $67,936.95.
Our client in a Condo Storm in Juno Beach had been offered no coverage from the insurance company. We helped the client to receive $173,107.24.
Our client in a Hurricane claim in Palm City had been offered $25,039.27 from the insurance company. We helped the client to receive $55,227.52.

Do you think you collected the correct amount from your insurance company?

Don’t allow your insurer to take advantage of you. Unfortunately, many policyholders are unaware about the services of Public Adjusters who can deal directly with the insurance company on your behalf. Don’t let your insurance company drive your claim. Let our extensive knowledge about the insurance industry work for you!

Equitable Public Adjusters & Appraisers is specialized in working through the following responsibilities:
1. represent you the insured during an insurance claim process.
2. Prepare and submit all the required documents to the insurance company, such as estimates, expert reports etc..
3. A free review of your claim even though you have settled with your insurer.
4. Re-open your insurance claim and correct errors in your estimate, collect money where your insurance company told you “there is no coverage for that damage”.
5. Appraise all coverages that may be pertinent to an insurance claim.
6. Identify the exact value of your damage.
7. We know your insurance policy better then your insurance company. We will let our 40+ years of experience work for you.

Well, are you thinking about your closed, denied, or new claim. Don’t worry! There is no charge to you unless we collect from your insurance company….! We do not get paid unless you do..!

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