Insuring Your Rental Property

Have you ever played a game of Monopoly? If so, then you already understand the basic principles of property investment. You purchase a property, and rent it for profit. But real property investment is no game, and there’s a lot more involved in turning a profit than just passing “Go” and collecting a cheque. Landlords must protect what they own, and should have a good rental property insurance policy in place.

Whether it’s an apartment unit or a family home, landlords have little control over the physical damage that can occur in or on the property they own. Rental property insurance will cover the costs incurred by damage.

Rental Property Protection

Through a well-planned rental property insurance policy, landlords can protect themselves from losses caused by most sources including fire, storms, burglary and vandalism. A comprehensive rental property insurance policy might also include liability insurance, with coverage for injuries or losses suffered by others. The liability clause in a rental property insurance policy may also cover legal fees and the costs of defending a personal injury lawsuit.

In purchasing rental property insurance, it is important to be sure that there is enough coverage to protect all property values and assets. The rental property insurance policy must also cover physical and legal injury, including discrimination, slander, libel, invasion of privacy and unlawful and retaliatory eviction.

Rental Property Insurance Providers

Many insurance companies now offer rental property insurance policies. Review the list below for a few examples of companies offering this protection, along with an outline of their policies:

AAA Insurance Rental Property Insurance

For rental property insurance, AAA Insurance has allied itself with Balboa Insurance Company to provide better insurance coverage. Their rental property insurance features a Dwelling Fire policy, providing protection for most direct physical losses on residential rental properties, and structures attached to them. The AAA policy will cover up to ten percent of the total cost during the process of repairing or reconstruction after a loss.

LandlordZone Rental Property Insurance

This online insurance company is based in the United Kingdom. The company insures rental properties including maisonettes, flats (apartments) and houses, as well as offices, shops and other commercial properties. LandlordZone also provides rental property insurance coverage for HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation), student and holiday lets, letting businesses, unoccupied properties, asylum seekers, housing benefits and public liabilities. In the rental property insurance for landlord and tenets, the company includes rent guarantee, emergency assistance, tenant’s insurance, property under construction, bed and breakfast, business insurance and second homes.

Renting property is no game. Don’t leave the protection of your property to a roll of the dice. Buy a secure rental property insurance policy, and protect your valuable investment.