Home Insurance – Flat Rates

Some renters believe that it would take them up to two years in order to buy back any items that were stolen from their property, so it is incredible that 37% of people questioned by a leading insurer admitted to not having their possessions protected by home contents insurance.

This statistic is quite shocking, especially as 33% of the renters questioned believed that items in their flat could be worth as much as £10,000 and that some individual items would reach £1,500.

One of the reasons for tenants not having home insurance was that they believed that their property in the flat was covered by the landlords insurance, which is not the case. Another cause for renters not having house insurance was that they thought the risk to their property was too minimum so didn’t think it was worth investing in.

The major reason for people not investing in home contents insurance was because they had other financial obligations such as their other monthly bills which were felt to be more imperative. However, there were a fifth of people simply preferring to spend their money on luxuries such as; holidays, socialising and shopping. Yet, with burglaries being a threat to everyone and with £8 billion worth of uninsured goods being at risk of damage from crime and harsh weather conditions, perhaps investing in even a cheap home insurance would prove to be best for you and your property.